To make your selection, scroll all the way to the bottom. Then check the box of your selection, fill in your name and project address, and submit. If you do not see something you like here, please contact us to discuss other options.

** Due to COVID, some siding styles and colors may be delayed or unavailable. We will keep you updated if your selection becomes delayed or unavailable.**

Select your main siding and then select your siding color in the corresponding type's box below. If you are choosing more than one siding for different areas of the house, please select your siding choices above and select color options below for the corresponding siding. Then proceed to the comments box at the very end to designate which siding goes with which area on the house. (ex. Board and batten in gables only and vinyl lap siding on the rest of the house)

For American Herald colors only: Click on the link provided on the photos above and browse the color choices. Once you have chosen your color(s), please type in the box provided.

If you are selecting more than one color of siding, please type your extra colors in the box above.

If you chose fiber cement, please type your paint color number in the text box above.

Please describe where each siding type will go on your house in the text box above.