Exterior Door Hardware

Please select one front door handle set and one exterior knob set for all other doors that lead to the outside on your plan. We use Kwikset Smartkey for all exterior door knobs and handle sets. If you do not see a style you like here in the selections, please find one that matches your style at Lowes or anywhere that sells Kwikset Smartkey, and link it in the "Other Door Knob(s)" box at the bottom of this page.

Door knob styles may vary depending on what is in stock at our supplier.

To make your selection, scroll all the way to the bottom. Then check the box of your selection, fill in your name and project address, and submit. If you do not see something you like here, please contact us to discuss other options.

Only choose one.

Only choose one.

If you chose "Other" please put the website link or name of knob. We use Kwikset Smartkey knobs.